1. Always keep override keys out of the safe.
  2. Keep the override keys in a safe location.
  3. Change batteries in case of low battery indication.
  4. If the safe is unused for more than two months, remove the batteries.
  5. Change your master password and memorize it.
  6. If the master password is forgotten, Control PCB is to be replaced on a chargeable basis.
  7. Never use wet cloth(you can use a damp cloth) or liquid to clean the safe.
  8. Do not place any liquid on top of the safe.


  1. Never announce travel plans or whereabouts on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.
  2. Don’t hide keys outdoors in a protected spot.
  3. A common tactic of criminals is known as a “knock-knock” burglary. Never open your door to strangers.